Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word cakra, meaning circle or wheel. Although it is common to concentrate on the seven major chakras, we have hundreds of these energy vortexes, located all over our physical body and outside on our etheric bodies. When developed, they rotate like a turning wheel, powered by our own Kundalini or evolutionary energy and the spiritual force within us enabling us to start developing the other ones more distant from the body. On the outside edge of each chakra, there is another chakra throughout all of the etheric bodies.

As the five physical senses enable us to perceive the body and the physical universe, we may activate the psychic centers (chakras) to be aware of the inner universes. Each of the first five vortexes of energy (chakras) is represented by an element, in ascending order earth, water, fire, air and ether.

The chakras are very important in the Kundalini release and certain powers arise when Kundalini energy activates the astral levels of the chakras. The Kundalini energy coils up the spine through the chakras, to the top of the head and exits our physical body through the crown chakra. This can cause new awareness, new abilities and transcendental states of mind.

We may also receive energy from other people through our chakras. Spiritual energy, prana and other forms of energy around us, flow in through the chakra centres.

On ancient scroll paintings the chakras are drawn as vortexes of energy, without figurative images. Later the chakras became represented as lotus flowers. As Kundalini energy travels through each chakra, that lotus flower opens its petals symbolizing the activation of the energies of the chakra and when Kundalini energy moves on to a higher chakra, the lotus flower closes its petals. Ascending up the body, each chakra transfers the energies from one to another and is shown with an increasing amount of lotus petals representing the rising energy or vibration-frequencies of each chakra.

The Sanskrit letters inscribed on the chakras represent the sound-vibrations and the different intensities of the energies aroused in each chakra. Each chakra has a different colour, harmonious with its vibration-frequency.


Root chakra
Security, Grounding,
Survival instinct


Sacral chakra
Intimacy, Emotions,


Solar Plexus chakra
Energy, Vitality,
Desire / Power


Heart chakra
Love, Hope,


Throat chakra
Creativity, Healing


Third eye chakra
Clairvoyance, Intuition,
Psychic senses


Crown chakra
Spirituality, Enlightenment