Handmade spiritual glass sculptures

by Douglas Damude and Silvano Signoretto!

Douglas Damude has extended his successful designing career by developing designs for an exclusive collection of glass sculptures, produced in Murano, Venice, Italy together with the glass maestro Silvano Signoretto. They have combined the pure spiritual energy of the eastern philosophies of Kundalini and the chakras, with the magical features of glass and fire during western glass production. East meets west and body energy is transferred into glass sculptures with the assistance of fire.

Silvano Signoretto is one of the greatest masters of the “mano volante” (flying hand) technique. From a mass of incandescent magma he sculpts his sculptures with a rare strength and skill, quickly before the glass cools down and becomes too hard.

According to Silvano, it is like a ballet due to the fine timing and precision of the very essential interaction together between the maestro and his assistants.

Glass maestros with Silvano Signoretto’s skills are disappearing and not being replaced which makes our glass sculptures extremely valuable. Placed in any ambiance each unique sculpture shines brilliantly, transcending the energy of colour and light into the space around it.