Seven Bodies

25 cm high

This sculpture is developed using the unique furnace production process of iridescence,
making it possible to show the etheric bodies outside the physical body.
Also shown are the seven major chakras and the Sushumna Nadi etheric nerve in the spine.


The seven levels of Consciousness

The human body has seven basic vibratory rates (bodies) interpenetrating each other, which are used in our attempt to develop from very basic energies to the highly developed superhuman levels. Beyond the higher bodies there are many more bodies.
We only see the physical body. The emotional, mental, intuitional, will/spirit, soul level and divine bodies vibrate at correspondingly higher rates. Although the ultimate goal in life should be to function in all bodies at once, in harmony with the consciousness, very few people have a consciousness developed enough and a body so lively and in harmony, to do so.

People interact through a combination of physical and emotional, or physical and mental, or mental and spiritual bodies. Although everyone continues to live and work with their different bodies or levels of consciousness, people are so different because they interact only through a few of their bodies, whether or not they are aware of Kundalini.