Tantric Maithuna

42 cm high, 30 cm wide

Two people exercising the Tantric Maithuna Yoga and then releasing a Kundalini shower, together in harmony.


Tantric Maithuna Yoga For The Kundalini Release Through Sexual Arousal

In Tantric Yoga there is a ritual for Kundalini release through sexual union, called Maithuna. Its purpose is to heighten the sexual feelings so that the energy becomes strong and intense enough to awaken the Kundalini. This takes elaborate preparations, extensive training and a detailed ritual. During a Maithuna ritual, it takes a great amount of concentration to bare the sexual energy aroused within the Kundalini or spiritual experience.

Mixing And Showering Technique For The Kundalini Release

There are many Kundalini release exercises and meditation methods. When the Kundalini is awakened, the energy must be forced up through the spine to the crown chakra and will mix above the head with the divine energy. This union of the Shakti and Shiva energies will then flow, showering over the body, cleansing and refining all of the cells.